Energy Storage battery

    For Energy Storage application, Lithium battery is better than lead acid battery on service life, unite cost, and free maintenance. LiFePo4 battery is better than Lithium ion battery from safety and service life. 
    According to different countries, we have developed three ESS battery modules. They can compatible with local grid voltage and general inverter brands, the modules can be connected in parallels or in series according to your power needs to be 5KWh, 7.5KWh, 10KWh, 15KWh, 20KWh, 25KWh, 30KWh, 50KWh and so on. 
    The three ESS battery modules are: Wall mounted ESS battery, Cabinet ESS battery, Stacked ESS battery, you can choose according to different application environment. You can use it for solar power system, wind power system or electricity regulation at high and low peaks, store electricity when blackout.