3.2V LiFePo4 battery

    Prismatic cell have LiFePo4 prismatic cell and Lithium prismatic cell two types. LiFePo4 prismatic cell have higher capacity, longer cycle life, better performance in high temperature environment, the main models cover: Lifepo4 50Ah, LiFePo4 100Ah, LiFePo4 200Ah, LiFePo4 280Ah, lifepo4 300ah, Lifepo4 310Ah. Lithium prismatic cell have higher energy density. the main models cover: Lithium 50Ah, Lithium 100Ah, lithium 200Ah.
    The main brands of prismatic cell have: CATL, CALB, EVE, LiSheng, REPT. Our company have these brands prismatic battery in supplying. 
    Compare with traditional cylindrical battery cell, Prismatic cell have the following advantages:

1, changed the round design, prismatic shape makes the assembly of battery pack simpler, easier to fix battery cells, save battery pack space.

2, capacity of single prismatic cell is significantly improved, the single capacity of the Lithium prismatic cell is generally at 20-200AH, the single capacity of the LiFePo4 (lithium iron phosphate) prismatic cell is 50-300Ah, less cells will make battery pack assembly is easier and more safe. can DIY by personal. 
3, the BMS installation is simple, less cells make BMS installation become easy, can process by personal not company. 

4, the cycle life of battery is extended than cyclindrical cells. The cycle life of Lithium prismatic cell increase from 800 times to 2000 times, The cycle life of LiFejPo4 prismatic cell increase from 3000 times to 4000~6000 times or even more. Amplify the advantages of lithium batteries.