Deep Cycle Lithium battery

    Compare with deep cycle lead acid battery, lithium battery have large advantages on service life, no memory effect, low self discharge and free maintenance, so we call it deep cycle lithium batteries. 
    We have used lead-acid battery many years, but in some areas, lithium battery do have better performance than lead-acid battery, In What applications we can consider of choosing deep cycle lithium battery replace traditional deep cycle lead-acid batteries? 
 1)Electric boat and yacht battery, light self-weight is very important side for boat and yacht, If choose deep cycle lithium battery, can reduce 2/3 even more weight than lead acid battery, that will make endurance longer. 
 2)Solar street light battery generally been installed under the ground or remote roads, the replacement cost is high. Choose lead-acid battery need replace new one after 3-5 years. deep cycle lithium battery can last 10 -15 years even more. That is great advantages.  
 3)RV - Recreation vehicle battery, the battery for RV need move out sometimes for lighting, camping or cooking, if the battery too heavy, that is really hard work, deep cycle lithium battery will only weight 2/3 of lead acid battery. 
 4)Sightseeing bus and golf cart battery, these cars usually used in tourism, deep cycle lithium battery has no hazardous substances leak out in usages, is more eco-friendly, can protect our environment better. 
 5)Electric Forklift and Truck battery, with lighter weight and smaller size, will promote working efficiency to them. And long cycle life will improve vehicles’ service life, deep cycle lithium battery is better than lead acid these sides.