Solar Energy Battery

Solar power battery all in one machine integrated charging controller, lifepo4 energy storage battery and inverter in one equipment, make compatibility and installation become simple, it will be whole solar power system just connect with solar panels. 
  Solar power are very widely extended these years as green and inexhaustible energy resources, more and more people want to try it but for solar power system, the end user usually meet these problems: 
  1)Don‘t know how to choose charging controller for solar power system. How to choose off-grid, on-grid or hybrid solutions?
  2)Don‘t know how to choose inverter for solar power system. Different inverter have different communication protocols, not sure whether can compatible with your ESS battery, how to choose the power of inverter? Whether the voltage is matching with my appliances?
  3)How large energy storage battery is enough for my house? 
  This solar power battery all in one machine will solve all these questions, and our sales recommend one model suitable for your country and house, make your solar power system is simple and reality.