Solar Power System

What is solar power system?
    Solar power system is one set of energy convertion equipments that convert solar energy into electricity, and store it to meet people electricity needs on different time and whether. 

The key parts cover: 
    Solar panels which convert nature solar energy received from Sun into electricity. The technology involved in this process is about collecting the photovoltaic cells, then generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect, which is utilized for your home, industrial and commercial purpose. 
    Charging Controller, it convert the voltage of solar panel to voltage of energy storage battery, to charge it full for store electricity. 
    Energy Storage battery, it adjust the inbalance of supply and demand, make it being possibility of electricity supplying when have not enough Sun resources. 
    Inverter, it convert battery voltage to the voltage of appliances/ equipments, make them working normally. 

Acoording to different electricity supply methods, there are three types solar power systems:

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