18650 battery/ 21700 battery

    18650 battery, 21700 battery, 26650 battery, 32650 battery are the main models of Cylindrical Lithium battery, It is widely used for kinds of electronics and ebike, scooter and electric tools, lawn mower/ golf cart/ motorcycle/ tractor battery pack. 
    18650/ 21700/ 26650 battery are widely used because of these significant advantages:
1. High energy density, 18650/ 21700/ 26650 Lithium batteries have 3-5 times energy density than lead-acid battery. That is mean only have 1/3-1/5 weight and volume than lead battery, can be used more applications.
2. Rechargeable, 18650 battery and 21700 battery can be recycle use compare with NiMH battery and lithium-thionyl chloride cell, reduce the cost of battery application a lot. Make wireless electric devices been vigorously developed.
3. No memory effect, 21700/ 26650/ 18650 battery have features of low self discharge and free maintenance. That make personalize usage and long time storage become true, no need professional maintenance knowledge, people can use it whenever need.
4. High charge and discharge rate. high rate 18650 battery supply high charge rate, make fast charging become a reality, meet the needs of electronics at any time. And can be discharge dozens of times, can meet the needs of high peak discharge current, like unmanned aircraft.
5. Recyclable, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Compare lead-acid battery, lithium 18650 battery have no LEAD leak out, and battery can be recycle after end of life.
6. LiFePo4 26650 battery have good performance on high temperature and safety and long service life. Can be used widely on high energy application.