Energy Storage System

    Amazing Energy Limited supply kinds of ESS battery solution according to different application scene, from 2KWh to 500KWh systems, provides a complete backup power solution for household energy storage and Industrial equipment. The energy storage system can be customized for existing basic equipment. A complete system from solar panels to battery cabinets can solve household and industrial electricity consumption, bringing great convenience to people‘s lives. Our energy storage system can be 20kwh, 30kwh, 40kwh and even higher, including batteries, inverter, controller and customized services, to meet the needs of customers in Europe, America, Africa, and Oceania.

    Our ESS battery apply for A+ grade LiFePo4 prismatic battery as cell, it have great advantages than cylindrical lithium battery on stability, cycle life, low resistance, better consistency. Its cycle life up to 4000 times left 80% capacity, 6000 times left 50% capacity, can service for you 10-20 years even use it every day. No memory effect and free maintenance. There is no possibility of explosion, very safety. Can supply emergency power when meet contingencies, like commercial power outage when meet bad whether, high electricity price when peak period. According to statistics, the spend of 3-8 years electricity is enough to establish one full set energy storage system.

    We have R&D 3 series of battery modules for energy storage system. Wall power battery, Power box battery, 
Power Rack battery.

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