Common standards for various battery certification?

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The International Electrical Commission (IEC) is a worldwide standardization organization composed of electricians from all countries. Its purpose is to promote the standardization of the world‘s electrical and electronic fields. Among them, the standard for nickel-cadmium battery is IEC285, the standard for nickel-hydrogen battery is IEC61436, and the current IEC standard for ion battery is generally based on SANYO or Panasonic standards.


The commonly used national standard for batteries is GB/T11013 for nickel-cadmium batteries_ 1996GB/T18289_ 2000The standard of NiMH battery is GB/T15100_ 1994GB/T18288_ 2000The standard of battery is GB/T10077_ 1998YD/T998_ 1999GB/T18287_ 2000.


The common IEC standard for batteries is IEC602851999 for nickel-cadmium batteries; The standard of Ni-MH battery is IEC614361998.1; The standard of battery is IEC619602000.11.


In addition, the common battery standards also include the Japanese industrial standard JIS C on batteries and the enterprise standard of SANYOPANASONIC on batteries.

1. UL2054:2008 Battery Standard

2. UL1642:2008 Safety Standard for Household and Commercial Batteries

3. IEC60086-4:2007 Primary Battery * Part IV, Battery Safety

4. IEC62282004 Safety of primary and secondary batteries and battery packs during transportation

5. IEC61960-2 Ion batteries and battery packs for portable equipment

6. UN38.3 United Nations Manual of Tests and Standards for the Transport of Dangerous Goods - Battery Air Transport Regulations

7. GB/T18287-2000 Generic specification for ion batteries for cellular telephone

8. GB21966-2008 Safety Requirements for Primary Battery and Storage Battery in Transportation

9. SN/T1413-2004 Safety inspection method for import and export primary batteries

10. GB/Z18333.2001 Ion batteries for electric road vehicles

11. GB/T2502000 General Specification for Ion Batteries (Light Industry Standard)

12. QC/T743-2006 Ion Battery for Electric Vehicle

13. /T744-2006 Nickel Hydrogen Battery for Electric Vehicles

14. MH/T1020-2007 Specification for Air Transportation of Battery

15. YD1268-2003 Safety Requirements and Test Methods for Mobile Communication Handset Battery and Charger

16. GB/T6491986 Standard solar cells for aerospace

17. GB8897.4-2008 Battery Safety Requirements

18. SJ/T11170-1998 Safety Standard for Household and Commercial Batteries

19. QC/T742006 lead-acid batteries for electric vehicles

20./T2389-1998 Manganese dioxide button battery

21./T3747-1999 Alkali Manganese Button Battery

22. SN/T1414.3-2004 Inspection Methods for Imported and Exported Storage Batteries Part 3, Ion Storage Batteries

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