Intelligent lithium battery helps the development and promotion of intelligent Internet of things

Time:2022-03-14 Views:252
The traditional logistics system uses more manpower, but the cost is too high. With the development of technology, all links of the logistics system are gradually intelligent. In warehousing, the storage and scheduling of goods are different from traditional manual handling and sorting. Now more intelligent robots are used for intelligent picking, sorting and handling. In a warehouse, the business of the warehouse is centralized by the series of intelligent robots. At present, with the investment of more and more technology companies, UAVs and other short-distance transportation tools are gradually tested and improved. With the later investment, it will save a lot of costs, shorten the transportation time and improve the timeliness. In order to solve the problem of the last kilometer, the intelligent express cabinet was also born. It integrates the Internet of things, intelligent identification and other technologies to realize the functions of centralized access, data collection and so on. Thus, lithium batteries are also used in the big new industry of the Internet of things. Dongguan Huide Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is providing customized designs and solutions for small power lithium batteries for some storage customers, which has been applied by customers. Intelligent lithium batteries have communication functions (RS485, RS232, can, etc.), and low-temperature lithium batteries can work in - 40 degrees, which solves the problem of cold storage monitoring, Provide the information status of each lithium battery (string) in real time, and solve the problem of full intelligence of the Internet of things.
Based on the wide application of the Internet of things, intelligent logistics uses advanced information collection, information transmission, information processing, information management technology and intelligent processing technology to realize the whole process optimization and resource optimization of production, distribution, transportation, sales and traceability throughout the supply chain through information integration, technology integration and logistics business management system integration, It is an overall logistics management system that optimizes and efficiently operates various logistics activities, maximizes profits for suppliers, provides best services for demanders, consumes the least natural and social resources, and protects the ecological environment to the greatest extent. Intelligent logistics system needs sensor network, communication module, artificial intelligence, data processing system and other technologies. In order to enable enterprises in the logistics field to better understand the intelligent logistics system, Dongguan Huide Energy Technology Co., Ltd. can provide intelligent lithium battery design solutions to help accelerate the understanding and deployment of intelligent logistics systems by traditional logistics enterprises and related upstream hardware solution enterprises.